An open-source Autodesk Maya plugin for controlling Industrial Robots


What is mimic?

Mimic is a free and open-source plugin for Autodesk Maya that enables simulation, programming, and control of 6-axis, Industrial Robots. It provides a robust and intuitive, animation-based toolset, allowing creators to prototype, validate, and drive automated systems. Use Mimic to generate programs without writing any code, or extend Mimic to suit your project's needs.





Take advantage of the Autodesk Maya world-class animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering tools and the enormous community that supports thousands of other plugins and online learning resources.

Robot agnostic

Mimic's robot rigs and post processors are flexible and extensible, enabling you to control most brands of 6-DOF industrial robots as well as external axes, poses, configurations, and I/Os. For an up-to-date list of supported robots see our GitHub repo.

Coding optional

Mimic outputs useable robot code so you can focus on creating, rather than programming. Get started by attaching your robots to any kind of animation controller and generate your tool paths automatically.


Mimic is designed with modularity in mind, so it can become whatever you need. Reconfigure your interface, write your own program templates, integrate custom robots, post processors, and more.


Drive robots using Maya's time-based animation tools that enable keyframing motion, tuning velocity and acceleration curves, motion blending, program-scrubbing, and more.


Use Maya's standard transform tools to directly manipulate your machines with either Inverse or Forward Kinematics. Mimic offers robust and fast kinematic control, including tools for IK-FK switching, cloning, and keyframing.


Mimic is developed and contributed to by a community of animators, designers, engineers, architects, and programmers. It's written in Python, works on Mac and PC, and you're free to use, fork, and contribute back!


Our Slack community allows you to ask questions, discuss your work, and share material such as animations, robot rigs, videos, renderings, and code.




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